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Single Head ROPP or Screw Capping Machine

Details - Single Head ROPP or Screw Capping Machine

The Single head capper applies ROPP/Screw caps to containers with constant rotating, capping head mounted on capping machine. Bottle itself picks cap from the maxine and after pickup cap bottles enters in the machine and transferred under the capping station for capping operation.


  • Fast product changeovers
  • Accurate and repeatable performance
  • All contact parts are SS 304, Delrin, Aluminum, Silicon, PU, MS frame structure with SS cladding Adjustable conveyor guide rails to accommodate with different products
  • No bottle no capping system
  • Cap Feeder Auto On/Off system preventing cap damage
  • Clutch System in star wheel to avoid bottle damage during operation
  • Smooth and accurate container handling
  • Machine auto on / off system, and it will start automatically once bottle enter to the in feed conveyor and stop if there is no bottle
  • Synchronized variable speed control

Our Clients

Some of Our Clients in Food & Beverages, Cosmetics, Pharma, Toiletries, Oil Plants and other Various Industries

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