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Automatic Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine

Details - Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine

Rotary Labeling machine can apply Oval, flat surfaces, cylindrical, conical ,wrap-around, position label or front and back labels to a wide range of containers at high speeds all the while maintaining simple operator setup, precision product handling and precise label placement accuracy.

Rotary Labeling machine can be fitted with one or multiple label applicator that guarantees perfect application of one or multiple self-adhesive labels on the same container at a very great production speed.

Specifications - Rotary Sticker Labeling Machine

  • 7” color touch screen with plc for various error message and control system
  • Fast product changeovers
  • Low power consumption
  • Integrated faultlight and alarm to inform operator production error
  • Accurate and repeatable performance
  • All contact parts are SS 304, Delrin, Aluminum, Silicon, MS frame structure with SS cladding
  • Adjustable conveyor guide rails to accommodate with different products
  • No bottle no labeling system
  • Clutch System in feed worm to avoid bottle damage during operation
  • Smooth and accurate container handling
  • Fully interlocked guarding for protection safety
  • Synchronized variable speed control

Our Clients

Some of Our Clients in Food & Beverages, Cosmetics, Pharma, Toiletries, Oil Plants and other Various Industries

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