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Rotary Leaflet Pasting Machine

Automatic Rotary Leaflet Pasting Machine

Details - Rotary Leaflet Pasting Machine

Leaflet Pasting machines are primarily used by the pharmaceutical industries to place literature onto the caps and side of bottles. Machine handles glass and plastic bottles, round and rectangular with both metal and plastic caps. Machine is capable of operating at speeds up to 60 bottles/min. to 250 bottles/min.

Leaflet Pasting machine can applied pre-folded leaflets on the top of caps and also side of bottle sprayed with vacuum pick system &hot melt adhesives with different models available with us.

Specifications - Rotary Leaflet/User Manual Pasting Machine

  • Hot Melt Gluing System
  • Fastest & Easy changeover to Any Bottle Size without Change Parts
  • Available In Entire Bottle-Lines As Well As Single Standalone Machine
  • Can Easily Be Integrated In Already Existing Lines
  • Unique Lift up Pick off Method
  • An Easy-To-Load Horizontal or Vertical Leaflet In Magazine
  • Leaflet Level Low Level Machine Stop
  • All Parts Are SS 304, Aluminum, Silicon, SS Pipe Frame Structure with Cladding And Anodized Aluminum Construction
  • Timing Screw Or Pneumatic Stopper For Accurate Pasting
  • Adjustable To Accommodate Different Leaflet Thickness.
  • Suitable for Different Shape and Size like Round, Rectangular Etc.
  • Product Counter
  • Multiple Adjustments without the Need to Stop the Machine
  • Fast Product Changeovers
  • Integrated Fault Alarms
  • Accurate and Repeatable Performance
  • 7” Color Touch Screen with Plc for Various Error Message and Control System
  • No Bottle No Outer Pasting
  • Smooth and Accurate Container Handling
  • Optional Fully Interlocked Safety Cabinet.
  • Synchronized Variable Speed Control.

Available Options

  • Leaflet presence detection sensor
  • Barcode & Pharma code verification system
  • Automatic rejection system
  • Vision System for printing verification

Our Clients

Some of Our Clients in Food & Beverages, Cosmetics, Pharma, Toiletries, Oil Plants and other Various Industries

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