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Automatic 600bpm Balm Filling Machine

Details - 600bpm Balm Filling Machine

Automatic High Speed Balm Filling Line with speed of 400 to 600 Products per minute Line consisting of Empty Tub/Dibbi Feeding having built in Airjet Blowing/Cleaning, Filling, cooling and Capping System.

Specifications - 600bpm Balm Filling Machine

  • Automatic Tub/Dibbi Elevator/Feeder attached with Inverter type Twin Track Air Jet Cleaning System. Machine with automatic Elevator or Vibratory type tub/dibbi loading system to feed the Tub/Dibbi continuously.
  • Filling machine for 1gm to 10gm filling.
  • Fill Weight Accuracy : +/- 1%.
  • Machine with 50ltr. Jacketed tank with precise temperature control system
  • Transfer conveyor to transfer filled Tub/Dibbis in to cooling tunnel
  • Automatic Chiller Machine for Tub/Dibbi in Stainless Steel Finish with User Friendly Operation system. Machine with steady Temperature System maintain by temperature controller to help fastest cooling of liquid
  • Machine with Conveyor belt system for Tub/Dibbi transfer
  • Machine with fully stainless steel structure with toughened glass safety cover for clear visibility
  • Cooling tunnel operation and temperature is controlled by PLC & HMI
  • Machine is suitable for 12 to 15 Degree temperature
  • Machine with pneumatically operated traffic controlling system to easy convey of filled tub/dibbi from cooling tunnel to capping machine in four track
  • Automatic Cap Elevator/Feeder attached with Four Track Cap Feeding System

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