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  • Peristaltic Based Vial Liquid Filling, Stoppering & Capping Machine

    Suitable for Pharmaceutical Industry

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Peristaltic Based Vial Liquid Filling, Stoppering & Capping Machine for Pharma

Details - Peristaltic Based Vial Filling-Stoppering-Capping Machinery

Servo Peristaltic Pump Based Vial Filling with stoppering & capping Machine. Peristaltic pumps are typically use for hygienic/sterile filling application.

The Servo peristaltic based filling machine is one of the most accurate and versatile type of filler available. It is ideal for all sort of products. Servo peristaltic filling is used when a consistent, accurate volume of product is desired. The Servo driven filling feature allows the operator to adjust the fill volume via touch screen located on the operator interface, and comes standard with recipe recall where you can create, copy, and recall.

Specifications - Vial Filling, Stoppering & Capping Machine line

  • From fraction of 1ml to 50ml programmable fill volumes
  • Multiple programs for immediate changeover
  • Suck back system for drip-less production
  • Jog forward and reverse functions for priming and purging
  • All contact parts are ss-316 Teflon/Silicon and non-contact parts SS 304, MS frame structure with SS cladding
  • Fill accuracy Better than ± 0.5 to 1%
  • Volume calibration is immediate from the touch screen
  • Servo driven peristaltic pump have programmable speed
  • Servo driven pump
  • No contamination
  • Low maintenance needs
  • Color touch screen with plc for various error message and control system
  • 100% spillage/drip free on bottle neck and shoulder

Our Clients

Some of Our Clients in Food & Beverages, Cosmetics, Pharma, Toiletries, Oil Plants and other Various Industries

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